Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vegas Reflections

Vegas Reflections
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Looking south along Las Vegas Boulevard "The Strip" from a footbridge. This reflection in the right is - I think - from Harrahs which is actually to the left.

Signs for Ballys and the huge Eiffel Tower (half the size of the real one) and illuminated balloon at Paris Las Vegas tower above the street in the background.

Although there is no "official" center of Las Vegas, the area along the Strip between the Wynn and the Bellagio a good candidate. Here you find many of the major resort casinos and an almost unending stream of foot and car traffic.

Always bring *comfortable shoes* to Las Vegas. Even if you are prepared to travel by Taxi, the Deuce Bus, and the metro whenever possible you will be walking a lot as the Casinos tend to route foot traffic to maximize their profit rather than your walking distance. If you are lost in a casino *ask* a staffer for directions - they'll generally give you the most accurate and fast route.