Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Las Vegas Bargains on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best ways to track some great bargains in Las Vegas, especially in this summer of a LOT of great hotel and vacation package bargains. Obviously you should also be looking at a LOT of websites such as, individual Airline websites (a list of them is here), Expedia, Travelocity, and Tripadvisor. All these sites offer hotel and airline combo packages that are often (but not always) your best bet in terms of a bargain trip.

Only with careful searches can you uncover the very best bargains, as generally hotels would prefer folks to pay the "rack rate" or higher rates than the very best they'll be offering during specials.

Enter Twitter, which is often the source of great tips on bargains from individual hotels in Las Vegas. Here's a partial Las Vegas list on Twitter. Follow it for some information from Las Vegas folks and properties.

Also note that most of the Las Vegas hotels have Facebook pages and those will sometimes feature specials. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to get a fast response from many hotels as well.