Sunday, January 8, 2012

Las Vegas Monorail to LAS McCarran Airport? Not ... yet ... but.... maybe....

The Las Vegas Monorail project can be considered a success or a great failure depending on your perspective.   Although ridership has been under the projected levels and the system is struggling under a large debt load, millions have enjoyed the cheap, fast transportation up and down the Las Vegas Strip and to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

After about two years of negotiations and planning, the system was prepared to enter bankruptcy in an effort to reduce current debt payments which in turn was to enable the Monorail to enter "monorail phase II", an extension of the system to McCarran International Airport.   However a November judicial decision has put the kabosh on that plan, the judge suggesting that implementation of the plan would simply push failure of the system out to a maximum of 2019 after which the hose of cards would collapse.