Friday, January 25, 2008

Station Casinos - where the "locals" hang out

I've heard that Las Vegas locals prefer certain off strip casinos and I think that the Station Casino's claim to be the key player in this market is justified. Station Casinos operates all the following properties in the Las Vegas area, most notably the new spectacular Red Rock Casino, one of Las Vegas newest properties with an awesome and stylish decor. Click here for pictures of the Red Rock Casino and Hotel.

Palace Station Hotel & Casino, Boulder Station Hotel & Casino, Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel, Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino, Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Fiesta Rancho Casino & Hotel, The Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino, the Wildfire Casino the Wild Wild West Gambling Hall & Hotel, the Magic Star Casino and the Gold Rush Casino.

Additionally, Station Casinos operates properties in California and has some management agreements and part ownerships with other gaming enterprises.

Las Vegas' Best Buffets

Las Vegas has dozens of great buffets and hundreds of exceptional restaurants. However given the cost of most of the Buffets - $20+, with the best restaurants much higher than that, and given the tendency to have great food at many conference venues, the budget approach is to do a lot of great eating at the parties and events that tend to go with conferences and tend to have exceptionally good catered food and free drinks.

However here's an excellent list of ten Las Vegas Buffets with prices:

Not on the list is Terribles Buffet about a mile off the strip on Paradise. Popular with locals I found it to be OK but not exceptional. The 9.99 price was very reasonable, but I think for the cheaper buffets Excalibur is probably your best choice.

Monte Carlo Fire

This breaking news just in - The Monte Carlo casino is on fire though the extent of the blaze is not clear. The Monte Carlo is being evacuated now, and hopefully the fire is confined to the roof where it appears it started.

MSNBC is reporting that the Bellagio and New York New York Hotels are now being evacuated as well, though from the look of the flames this will be contained soon as it appears restricted to the roof of the Monte Carlo. It's believed the fire started at about 11am PST on the west facing roof area.