Friday, December 5, 2008

OJ Simpson Sentenced to 15+ years in Las Vegas Courtroom

Today in Las Vegas OJ Simpson was sentenced to what appears to be a minimum time in prison of 6.5 years and probably close to his full sentence of 15+ years in prison after a robbery and kidnapping incident at the Palace Station several months ago.

Tapes of the incident, where Simpson and associates met in a hotel room and effectively robbed a memorabilia dealer of Simpson items, appeared to sway the judge against the defense. The judge initially appeared to be defending herself from critics who might accuse her of a harsh verdict to redeem another court's earlier aquittal of Simpson after what most think was a clear case of murder. However she stated emphatically that she was sentencing on the basis of the evidence and facts of this case only.

Given the extreme media scrutiny and Simpson's probaby guilt in the murders years ago, it seems very unlikely he'll be out of prison for many years and probably will remain in prison for the full term in this latest incident.

Did justice prevail in this case?