Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Nugget's New 30 Million Dollar Swimming Complex

Who says all the amazing stuff, aside from the Fremont Street Experience, is on the Las Vegas strip? The Golden Nugget now has a spectacular new swimming complex complete with shark tank and waterslides right through the sharks. For pools that will impress everybody also consider the Mandalay Bay swimming complex.

The Palms and Hard Rock - Celebrity Hangouts

In Las Vegas you'll probably have a harder time finding celebrities than in Hollywood, partly because there are so many luxury hotels and clubs on the strip. However the Travel Channel suggests that the Palms and Hard Rock are among your best celebrity sighting bets in Las Vegas.

Palms Hotel | Hard Rock Hotel

Monday, June 23, 2008

Banks Leaving Las Vegas

Las Vegas Construction loans are among the largest in the industry, and have put a strain on some banks with high exposure. Although the commercial real estate industry seems surprisingly healthy given the current residential meltdown, some banks are still suffering under the pressure.

This Bloomberg story notes how building continues as banks joust for control of a major Las Vegas project: