Sunday, July 25, 2010

Las Vegas Travel Bargains Galore this Summer

We've noted before that the Las Vegas Economy is suffering mightily from the economic problems that continue to challenge the whole world. However as an entertainment consumer this means some amazing travel bargains for you in one of the world's most amazing cities.

Hotels are offering great to spectacular deals this summer all over the city. In the bargain category you'll find rooms at the budget/ quality hotels like Circus Circus and Palace Station for about $30 per night - often *including* a buffet or two! But why not splurge when the splurging is cheap? Top Las Vegas hotels are having regular deals with beautiful, luxurious suites in the $100 per night range. This often includes some casino play (and generally in my experience the higher end hotels are more "honest" with these credits. For example at the Venetian our slot credits amounted to approximately their face value, where at lesser places the "free play" is often on machines that rarely pay out). Generally you should subtract the actual value of credits and meals from your room cost to get the real value of your room or package deal - though the actual value can be different from the face value claimed by the hotel.

We recommend you start at to find some great prices. Also consider, especially if you'd like a high-end place and are not picky about which one. However I've found Hotwire is not such a great bargain finder in the Las Vegas area where rates vary enormously from event to event and from day to day. If at all possible you want to hit Vegas mid-week when no major events are in the city. At that time you'll generally pay a *fraction* of the cost for your great room - discounts can be as much as 80% at many hotels where weekend rooms during big events can run $500 per night, down to $100 per night during slow times.

So if you want to live like a celebrity for a few days, consider a quick trip to Vegas this summer.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Las Vegas Economy 2010

The Las Vegas Economy - from gaming to housing to jobs - has suffered greatly since the economic meltdown that hit the USA and continues to slow progress around the globe.

Here, from University of Las Vegas' Center for Business Research, are several resources discussing the current conditions and prospect for Las Vegas as well as the entire state of Nevada: