Friday, August 13, 2010

Vegas Bob on Gourmet Dining in Las Vegas

Vegas Bob over at Twitter has a nice article about gourmet dining in Las Vegas, his home town:

For example look at all the options in the MGM Grand alone!

  • At the MGM Grand:
    • Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand, with a AAA 5-diamond rating, offers a two course $109 Summer Tasting menu.
    • L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Summer Tasting Menu for $95 per person. For those that wish to dine early L’Unique is served until 6:45 PM for $49.
    • Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak offers its 3 course Summer Tasting Menu for $85 per person.
    • Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill offers its 3 course Summer Tasting Menu for $45 per person.
    • Nob Hill Tavern by Michael Mina also has a 3 course Summer Tasting Menu for $45 per person.
    • Fiamma Trattoria & Bar has a 3 course Summer Tasting Menu for $45 per person and a 4 course version for $60 per person.
    • Seablue’s 3 course Summer Tasting Menu is $49 per person.
    • Shibuya’s 4 course Summer Tasting Menu is $59 per person.
    • Pearl offers a 3 course Summer Tasting Menu at $45 per person.
    • Diego offers a 2 course Summer Tasting Menu and includes a cocktail at $34 per person.

BBC and Lonely Planet on Las Vegas

Check out the BBC's mini guide to Las Vegas HERE. Although it was originally written by Lonely Planet, we're going to hope that this gives you something of a UK vision of a Las Vegas Vacation, partly because the UK vision is not going to be that different from any other. Incredible huge hotels, world class attractions, Cirque Shows, casinos, swimming pools, amazing dining, and more.

But wait... the article actually seems very thin and it suggests several "out of the way" places which in my opinion are the last place you want to be in Las Vegas (unless you live there and are sick of all the big cool places to go).

So, based on their odd vision of vegas I am recommending you keep reading Las Vegas blog posts here at to get a better feel for the city, and plan your trip accordingly. A mid week low cost suite at a big hotel like the Bellagio, Venetian, Wynn, etc. with some great dining and some poolside relaxation and a Cirque du Soleil Show will give you a trip to remember, and with current specials and pricing it won't even make a major dent in your wallet as long as you can show great restraint at the gambling tables or slots.

In the meantime we

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Venetian August Special - Suite, Two Phantom Tickets, Credits for $119 weekdays.

Visiting Las Vegas could hardly be more affordable than it is this summer as the economy continues to hammer away at profits and first rate Las Vegas venues continue to drop prices in an effort to lure customers to the casino. Venetian Special

The Venetian suites are fantastic (Palazzo's too but I have not stayed there), and Phantom of the Opera is a spectacular play filled with great music. You'd normally pay about $150 for two tickets to this show, so your room is basically "better than free" with this amazing deal.

Obviously your best bet in Vegas is "not betting", but no rollers and low rollers can have a great time in other venues which offer some of the world's best values in terms of vacation bang for the buck.

I just returned from a Travel and History family trip to Europe where we'd often spend $150 and more on nice but modest rooms in big cities like Paris. I could not help but think of the Venetian Suite my wife and I booked last year at $109 plus many credits, which was larger and far more spectacular than any we had in Europe. Of course Paris Las Vegas can't really match "real" Paris (except that it's much cleaner), but in terms of great hotels and amenities at small cost it is hard to beat Las Vegas during discounted times. NOTE - Las Vegas on the weekends / Holidays / and During the Computer Electronics Show CES 2011 or other major events can get VERY expensive, though you'll usually find bargains even in the high season as soon as you venture out from the major venues such as Venetian, Bellagio, Wynn and more along the Las Vegas Strip.