Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Nugget's New 30 Million Dollar Swimming Complex

Who says all the amazing stuff, aside from the Fremont Street Experience, is on the Las Vegas strip? The Golden Nugget now has a spectacular new swimming complex complete with shark tank and waterslides right through the sharks. For pools that will impress everybody also consider the Mandalay Bay swimming complex.


Anonymous said...

Oh for the days when Downtown competed with the Strip by offering better deals on the games rather than trying to compete on the glitz offerings. Pools in Vegas have become party venues.
Meanwhile blackjack is a disgraceful 6:5 and dealers shuffle with a disgraceful frequency. If the casino patron is not getting a square deal at the tables, what is the use of having light shows and exotic pools?

Anonymous said...

What is the use of having an exotic shark tank if hotel check-in procedures are trying enough to make you want to jump into the tank with the sharks? If the table games limits are being reduced to run off anyone with a green chip and keep only the ultra-low bettors dealer toke rates will plummet and the casino will become a flea-infested mecca for ultra low rollers. If comps are limited to present trip and can't be banked for future trip use, what is the use of having an exotic shark tank as a 'draw'? Exotic sharks in an aquarium tank won't make up for the corporate sharks who don't want to give the players a good deal. Giving the players a poor check in experience and a poor gambling experience is not a business decision that can be undone by letting the annoyed customer gawk at some unusual sharks.

FleaStiff said...

Okay. My understanding is that the famous 99 cent shrimp cocktails have ended. Its now 1.99.

So which would YOU rather have had: the 99cent shrimp cocktails continue or umpteen zillion dollars spent on some stupid shark? For that amount of money, they could have kept the shrimp cocktail deal going!