Saturday, November 8, 2008

Las Vegas Air and Hotel Packages at Allegiant Air

Just wanted to note some great deals are available through Allegiant Air for Las Vegas combination flight and hotel packages. Last year for the Computer Electronics Show Conference "CES", I scored a huge savings by staying in Fitzgerald's downtown (which was not as glamorous as strip hotels but very clean and nice and saved me about $200 per day over what I would have paid for a room at Bellagio or Venetian).

In Las Vegas you want to stay at the fancy places in the *off season* and middle of the week and stay in the modest priced places at high season. The savings with this strategy are *spectacular* because demand on Las Vegas hotels is extremely variable depending on the time of week and event schedules. CES fills all hotels on the strip and the Hilton which is adjacent to the conference. The cost for say, the Hilton during CES will be about 400 per night for a room that'll run you maybe $75 mid week with no special events.

The Allegiant Air specials vary enormously in price because of the hotel costs, so consider the excellent low priced hotels downtown or just off the strip and your trip will cost about a third of what you'll pay for premium lodging. Exception - if you can travel mid week consider splurging. Places like the new Palazzo at the Venetian have premium suites that are often at great discounts mid week.

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FleaStiff said...

Many travel aggregators are offering excellent bargains these days though it is wise to remember that if you buy your hotel room through a travel-site then the casino can not comp you to a free room. If your gambling would normally give you a free room then you should make your room deal directly with the hotel.
However, some rooms are going so cheaply now that it really makes little difference. Two cent Tuesdays and One Cent Thursdays and other weird promotions means that the rooms are really cheap.