Friday, September 10, 2010

The CES Effect at the Bellagio

One of the best budget tips for Las Vegas is the fact that Hotel rates vary about as *dramatically* as you will find anywhere in the world, especially around holidays, special events, and weekends.

For example take a look at these special Bellagio rates - which themselves are far lower than the "rack rate" would be as these are internet specials for the first week of January 2011.

Jan 2
First, it's amazing to note the difference in price during the CES Consumer Electronics Show, "CES 2011". This is the biggest and most important consumer electronics show in the world, and it fills the Vegas Strip for much of the week. It does NOT fill the downtown hotels so if you are traveling on your own dime, consider that option to save a few *hundred* dollars per night.

Second, you are absolutely right to gasp at the $90 and say "Honey, we're goin' to Vegas!". The Bellagio, along with several other premier properties like the Venetian, the Aria Resort, Vdara, the new Cosmopolitan, the Wynn, MGM, and more are slashing rates like crazy as the economy continues to hit everybody hard with less frequent trips, smaller conventions, etc. NOW is the best time in years to visit as the specials and rates are fantastic as long as you check to make sure you are going on the "off days" when the rates are low.

Note that the "second tier" hotels are also very cheap, offering beautifully appointed rooms and suites for under $50. Show ticket specials abound and food is always reasonable at many venues - though the best restaurants will easily set you back a few hundred for two so they are not for the budget traveler.
In general, as long as you stay away from the gaming tables and fine wine, your Las Vegas vacation will be a great deal.


FleaStiff said...

Hotel room rates?
Sahara held a Twitter Lottery of their One Dollar Rooms. Some wouldn't think that was a good price; some would.

The problem is that even a conventioneer will gamble some of the time and if he has any reputation with the casino he will probably stand atleast a 1:3 chance of being comped for his room, so what the need to worry about the room rate?

FleaStiff said...

Some conventions seem to have Spillover Effect. Even the top tier local casinos such as The M Resort and the South Point (sometimes known as the Sweat Point)that are some distance away will be full during large conventions because people seeking room bargains will flea the high prices at a convention hotel.

Strange things happen with room rates. One need only look at what happened for 10/10/10. Its an ordinary day like any other but there were so many casino specials that rooms in a few casinos were sold out.

At some ultra cheap locals casinos, a room is considered a DUI-avoidance fee. And one local liquor distributor who puts on a show each year insists on very cheap room rates being available to anyone with an admission ticket to his liquor show. Even if they have not made reservations, if they've drunk more they they anticipated, they get a cheap room.

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