Thursday, August 14, 2008

M Resort, opening March, will cater mostly to locals

The new M Resort is a 700 million dollar project at the far south of Las Vegas Boulevard - some ten miles south of Mandalay Bay.

Unlike other resorts on the strip, the M will cater to locals and expects 80 percent of its business to be from local visits.

M Resort will feature an outdoor amphitheater, buffets, and high quality service. It appears the goal is not so much to out wow the competition, rather to offer locals a comfortable resort environment they can call their home away from home.

Las Vegas Sun reports


Anonymous said...

80%...? Well, I hope their crystal ball is working. Mine tends to fail me when I'm in a casino.

Its sort of a schizophrenic press release: a "locals casino" (no trendy nightclubs that attract moneyed and frenetic partying youth with no manners and no inclination to gamble) but also a place to gawk at the structure with its lines and open-air balconies. (Locals don't gawk at architecture, they don't even see it. And how many locals just love balconies, particularly in June, July and August?)
Translation: We hope to open a place that will avoid trendy nightclubbers and prices that chase would-be "low rollers" away from the casino. Well, they are too far from the Strip to be of interest to Trendy Nightclubbers anyway.

FleaStiff said...

With the number of tourists in Vegas who want an upscale place but are rebelling at the outrageous prices increasing, many appear to be opting for taking money saving steps that don't detract too much from their overall experience.

An increasing number of tourists are actually going grocery shopping rather than paying absurd prices for water, soda, snacks, razors or bath salts. Many are making more intensive use of coupons and a good many are re-adjusting their hotel selections to take advantage of casinos that cater to locals. Its possible that "M"'s location may yield a good mix of locals and tourists, particularly since many of the locals may well turn out to be 'Staycationers' from the Vegas area. Alot of tourists are priced-out and aged-out of the Trendy Nightclub scene and don't really want to undergo needless expenditures.